Well, I went today to go and visit Francesca aka Frannie in ‘doggy jail’, as my daughter puts it. She was very excited to be held and jumped up in my lap, where she laid on her back to be cradled. Just FYI, it’s a good behavioral sign for a dog to not struggle when held with their tummy-side up as it tells you they will have a complacent/non-domineering personality. She lays there like a baby with her feet crossed! Lol.

While I was there I had to walk the Doberman. His name is Ramses, and although he is many pounds underweight, he is a marvelous dog who just needs the right person to train him. I got a big Dobie lick right on my face. I didn’t keep him out long as it was cold and he was underweight.

Anyway, that’s mostly all for today. I have already bought Frannie a sweater, a jacket/harness, a new collar, and a tiny stuffed squirrel toy that my daughter has taken over. Also, a black glittery bowl. Tomorrow’s the big day around here!

In farm news, it’s just too darn cold to worry with much. I did give all of my birds new perches that I cut from our crape myrtle. They have all seemed to really enjoy that.

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