Happy New Year!

Hope y’all had a great new year’s eve. Jason and I, being the old farts that we are, decided to make some bonfires and sit around, doing nothing. He burned some piles down by the pond whereas I hopped on the 4 wheeler and worked for about an hour or so and dragged big limbs up to burn.

Let me let you in on a little secret girls…Diamonds ain’t a girl’s best friend. An ATV with a trailer and a chain are a girl’s best friend! I know that isn’t romantic like jewelry is, but let’s get real here. I can jump on my 4 wheeler, hook up a chain or a wagon, and do the same work that the boys do in record time. I’m sure I looked lovely in my royal blue Gallatin GopherFest shirt with my ever present doorag, and filth up to my knees, but whatever, I got the work done. Even Jason was impressed by the size of my brushpile. Anyway, the woods look a lot better now with all of that mess out of the way.

So, we burned the pile. I was donning my new Carhartt knockoff coat and my new ghettolicious silver headband/doorag thingy that my mom found in the trash, and my new sheepskin moccasins that I got for half off at Discount City. I always have to wonder if the neighbors think I’m pure white trash, but oh well!
We burned the pile till 10pm sharp and went inside. Forget staying up till midnight! I’d be regretting that for a week! Lol.

New Year’s Day I cooked a mountain of blackeyed peas in the fireplace, 4 pans of cornbread, 3 smoked chickens, sausage, and a head of cabbage. Ok, Jason gets the ‘meat cooking’ credit. I don’t do that part. We had our parents and his sister over and we had so much food left over that I am sure we’ll be eating pulled pork and chicken for the next several months.

So, today, I took the baby chicks out in the grass for a first look outside. I did have them on the deck until they all simutaneously decided to get chicken diarrhea and get it all over my clean deck. So, into the grass they went. Besides pooping, pecking, and peeping, they didn’t really do much, but what else are chickens supposed to do anyway? Then it got colder and I brought them back in. Ah yes, I forgot that we went into the woods and cut up some firewood. I didn’t get to wield the chainsaw this time, though. At least now we have enough to keep us warm for a few more weeks, and it was FREE, best of all.

Now, I am supposed to give a ‘shout out’ to Sarah, who specifically requested one and I think she deserves it for reading my boring little blog faithfully, so,



One thought on “Happy New Year!

  1. How in the world would your neighbors think that you are PWT in your carhartt knockoff, silver dumpster headband, and 50% off sheepskin moccasins!! Only you would put somethong on your head from the trash. Have you ever thought that you might get the hepatitis!! LOL. Keep up the blog. It makes my day. Love ya!!!

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