Well, this evening Jason was tearing up some stumps and accidentally ripped up our water line.  Oops!  Naturally, we didn’t have a 1″ PVC cap to fix it with, so ‘Mr. Fixit’ made a temporary plug using a piece of rubber hose connected to a ratchet, yes, a ratchet, all held together with hose clamps.  I MUST get a picture of this redneck ingenuity! Unfortunately, it’s dark right now or I’d go snap a pic and upload it.  Anyway, you know how it goes…you try to get something done and end up creating MORE work, lol.  Then, tomorrow, it’s supposed to be like 40 below zero or something so working with wet sand ought to be a blast.

Well, that’s home ownership for you! 

Anyway, I thought it would be kindof fun to give you a ‘favorites’ column here, just to highlight some of my favorite things.  I mean, if Oprah can do it, why can’t I?  So, here goes:

Favorite thing #1: microfiber cloths.

Have you tried these things?  I remember about 9 years ago, my mom and I went to a picture framing association show and they were selling these things for about 6 bucks EACH.  Now you can get them at Wal-Mart (in the auto. section) or any automotive parts store for like 12 for 5 dollars or something like that.  These things are GREAT.  Use them in place of a Swiffer cloth on your floor Swiffer duster or Wet mop.  You can stick them on your pre-existing Swiffer floor thingy (not the Wet Jet, though) just like you would a Swiffer cloth. To use it wet, just get some Simple Green or CitraSolv (another fave, I’ll rave about it later), spray a small area on your floor lightly and use your microfiber/Swiffer assembly to mop it up.  This is GREAT for touch ups in between moppings, plus you can use them about 4 times each by flipping the cloth over and readjusting it.  Then, the best part is, is that they are totally washable and reusable.  I use them for; cleaning glass, cleaning countertops and really any surface in the house, dry dusting, Swiffering, etc.  I use them in place of dishtowels sometimes as they absorb tons more liquid since they have a much greater surface area than terrycloth. I also keep one in my car for dusting the interior when I’m sitting in a line somewhere.  They are just perfect for detailing.  Because they are microfiber, they leave very, very little dust behind. 

Anyway, I think that everyone should own at least 10 of these things.  I know that you’ll enjoy them, too!

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