Hello, Fall! I missed you…

Well, in keeping with true fall weather, we are drizzly/rainy and SIXTY degrees here at 10pm!  So, probably gonna drop in the mid-fifties tonight.  Yippee!  Soon as I’m done here, I’m off to brew up some hot cocoa (possibly)  I should have already been in bed by now…

Well, we had a chicken loss today, apparently.  Our neighbor called to tell us that one of our new hens wandered into their yard, and their dogs killed it.  Of course, that’s my own fault for letting them free-range today, so I am not really upset over it…plus, she was not laying yet, so at least I didn’t lose a layer.  In good news, I got 2 new white Silkies (LOVE them!), one barred rock and 4 new Rhode Island Red hens!  I need some serious laying birds..I can’t keep eggs in stock.

In other farm news….getting ready to plant some lettuce and broccoli.  Also time for cabbage and some other stuff!  We really need to finish up the beds here in the next few weeks, too.  We are putting a brick pathway in from each door through the garden; YEA!!!  I have no idea why there were no pathways to the house’s front doors; you had to walk through grass and sand and dew, etc. and then all of that promptly ends up in the house.  Beats me.  Oh well, that is being solved as we speak. 

I’m not really in a chatty mood tonight.  It’s probably because I’m tired and I know I have to get up early tomorrow. (I dread getting out of bed)  I’m also not in a very humorous mood, either, so I’m sorry that my last few posts are drags.  Well, off to bed for me now.  I will try to cheer up and think of something for next time!

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