Let it snow…

…on my blog.  Well, it’s a pretty cute little ‘extra’ that WordPress offers.  Hope you like it, too.  If not, you only have to deal with it until January 4th, when it turns off automatically.

Well, so today I picked about 3 pounds of jalapenos.  Not bad for only 2 plants in early December, huh?  I found a recipe in Better Homes & Garden’s “You CAN Can” book for Sweet Jalapeno rings.  I’m hoping they will turn out crunchy and sweet-hot.  If so, I will share the recipe. Also going to make some Jalapeno jelly with the leftover peppers.  Anyhoo, tonight it’s going to get down to about 27, so hopefully I’ll have peppers left in the morning. However, we have had several freezes without too much damage.

I am still using the winter gardening methods as described by Eliot Coleman in his “Four Season Harvest” book.  If you don’t own it, BUY IT.  Fortunately here in TX, we can get away (mostly) with covering the plants with a ‘low tunnel’ AKA mini-greenhouse.  Tonight, I also threw some old comforters on top of the potato and pepper tunnels.  So far, it has worked like a charm.  I just pray that my taters don’t freeze before I can harvest them.  What a shame that would be.

Well, until next time!