Grocery Challenge – Part 2

Have you been saving food receipts?  Good for you!

I tallied up my January grocery bill and it was exactly half of what my December bill was.  Came to the grand total of $232!  Not bad for feeding a family of 4 for a month.  And, no, I didn’t cheat by buying more fast food.  We do eat some fast food, but no more than normal.  So far, at this point, we’ve spent about $150 for this month…possibly a little more because Jason did some shopping and I haven’t seen the latest receipt yet.

Will check back at the end of the month…


2 thoughts on “Grocery Challenge – Part 2

  1. Hey! I’m doing your grocery challenge, and also keeping up with how much we spend eating out. I’m only at $120 on groceries so far! Not sure how……but Billy does the grocery shopping and he spends less than I do =)

    1. Yay! That’s about where we are, too. Eating @ restaurants will suck you dry faster than you know. I’ve been more cautious this month than the past few. I admit to going to a restaurant about once a week, and really even that is too much. Everytime we go out to eat, it ends up being 25-30 dollars, which is pretty ludicrous when you tally it at the end of the month. :0)

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