Take me home, country roads

So last Saturday, Jason and I were on a little day trip and he wanted to show me a little house on a very obscure little county road.  His friend acquaintance had owned the house for a grand total of 2 weeks about 15 years ago. The acquaintance was convinced it was haunted and sold it fourteen days after buying it.

As we turned onto the little road, I couldn’t help but notice the “Dead End” sign.  Jason then told me the house was at the very end of this road.  GREAT.  Now I’m on a tiny, fairly uninhabited road with a haunted house at the very end of it, and I have no idea where I am.  Doesn’t this remind you of some horror flick?

When we were about halfway down the road, my dear husband got the sudden urge to *cough cough* use the facilites, and so I pulled over so he could do his “bidness”.  (Must be nice, huh?)  Well, just about the time that all started, a truck comes pulling up behind us, so Jason jumps back into the car.  I don’t have any choice but to forge on ahead since the road is way too narrow to let anyone pass.

Now the scenario is this:  I’m in a little car on a tiny road in God-Knows-Where heading toward a haunted house being followed by a big, scary truck with a passenger whose eyeballs are now floating.  Funny ha ha, right?  So around 2 corners, and there is the Haunted, Creepy, Deserted little house.  Jason said that maybe the truck was heading towards an oilfield just past the house.  We weren’t so lucky.  I pulled into the house’s drive and immediately noticed and remarked about the four “NO TRESPASSING” signs pasted all over the front of it and the trees in front.  As a joke, Jason added, “Will Shoot To Kill”, to which I  shrieked, “Oh my God, are you serious?”. Thankfully, THAT was a joke, though not very funny at the moment.  Then we noticed that the truck had stopped and was taking up the majority of the road.

I whip the car into reverse, and as I am backing out, a man gets out of the passenger seat.  Yep, gets right out at starts walking towards my car.  If he had been a happy, smiling man it would have been one thing.  Nope, I get the “I-just-escaped-the-nuthouse” man carrying a big huge bundle of WalMart sacks.  (maybe to put our chopped up bodies in?)  There was a look about this guy that immediately had both of us on high alert. I got a little weirded out by the shaved head and the big leather boots worn with shorts, not to mention the completely blank look he gave.  I backed up all the way, and as he was advancing towards me and as the creepy truck was also slowly creeping towards us, I look the guy straight in the face, give him a huge smile and wave, hit the ditch and got the hell out of Dodge!

Immediately, Jason and I are both fumbling in the console for our gun…just in case.  Who knows?  Did we stumble upon a meth house?  A murderous duo?   Truly, no telling.  Thank the good Lord that the truck did NOT follow us after that.

Anyway, after our adrenaline died down much later and we were sitting down to eat, I told Jason I had it all figured out.

Seeing us pull up in a Prius, the creepy duo decided they had happened upon some eco-conscious people, and the man was simply going to hand us the Wal Mart sacks for us to take them to be recycled.  Yep, that was definitely it.

Anyone ever see Tucker & Dale vs Evil?  All they were trying to do was be eco-friendly, and we had them figured as murderers.  Shame on us!