These are a few of my faaaaavorite things

I’ve been really trying to be a good little minimalist lately (more on that later), and pare down all the crap in my life. You know, literally and metaphorically speaking (anyone need some chickens?).
In doing so, I am weeding out the junk and hanging on to the “good stuff”. I love, love, love to try out new and different things with the hope that I’ll discover something that so awesome, I won’t be able to understand how I ever went without it.

Anyhoo, I thought It’d share some of my newest favorites with you, in an absolutely random fashion.

1. Biokleen products.  I have been on a many months’ long quest to find a good, eco friendly laundry detergent/soap. Now, I do make my own, but there are times when I need something with a bit more cleaning power for greasy clothes, and I also like to occasionally wash my clothes in a detergent to get out “the funk”. Enter Biokleen laundry detergent. Fabulous. I use only about a tablespoon or less for my HE washer on a large load. Clothes are wonderfully clean, and smell fresh, plus no harmful ingredients. As far as I can tell, no weird chemicals or animal testing for their products. So far,
I have used about half of a 64 oz. jug and it has been at least a solid month since bought it. Heck, maybe two! I’ll have to check. I also bought their dishwashing soap, and I love it. Smells like citrus, and literally leaves dishes squeaky clean. I was having issues with other soaps not cutting through grease well, bit it’s no longer an issue. I am also using Biokleen glass cleaner. Works great, though I sure love using vodka for that. You know, for cleaning, NOT drinking while cleaning, although I’m sure that has its perks.

2. French press for coffee. Who would have thought that for 13 bucks, you could have some totally great coffee time and time again? I got mine at IKEA, and I love it. The coffee turns out rich and somehow creamy, even. The only drawback? It takes a pretty good amount of coffee, and coffee ain’t cheap. Still…

3. Biscoff spread. It’s a cookie made into a silly peanut butter texture spread. If you love the taste of Graham crackers, you will love thus stuff. Truly “crack in a jar”. Yeah, probably not that great for you, either.

4. (I’m so hesitant and this one….sigh) My Motorola RAZR MAXX. I’m embarrassed. I finally gave in and got a smartphone. Yeah, me….the one that made fun of smartphone carrying people ever since they came out. Ugh. I wear the Cone of Shame. But, I use this little guy for so much. It is the best alarm I’ve ever owned (that is, one I didn’t want to beat the crap out of with a baseball bat when
it went off). It has replaced my silly paper trail and kept me up to date by using the free app called Cozi. (Cozi is a GREAT app! ) I can check prices, reviews, and weather wherever I go. In fact, I’m writing this blog on my “phone” right now. I use it in the kitchen for recipes, and in the stores as a calculator. Yep, I could live without it, but it certainly has made things easier for me! I am also not online as much, either. All around, I love it.

Well, I have “Swyped” my fingers numb, so until next time…

One thought on “These are a few of my faaaaavorite things

  1. Minimalism goal here, too. Been married 43 years. . . got lots of crap. I thought when we moved to the Cozy Little Cabin that paring down would come easily and naturally. . . . nope. . . that’s not how it goes. Even when it’s your goal to minimize, it’s still a struggle and chore.

    Where I “have” been successful is w/my cleaning supplies: just one bottle of Young Living’s Thieves Household Cleaner. . . you dilute it for different jobs. It is not harmful; it is not harmless; it’s actually HEALTHY. How cool is that, to improve one’s health while cleaning! We have super soft water and 2 tsp takes care of a load of clothes.

    Now if I can just minimize the garden, scrapbook, etc., stuff. One thing I know I won’t do is minimize books. I’ve gotten rid of so many all ready – but I keep buying more. . . several each month. It’s an addiction.

    One that I’ll gladly make room for!

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