My poor chicken coop was looking pretty sad.  Not that it has ever been a jewel.  When we moved here, it was a 3 sided ‘loafing’ shed on its last legs.  We shored it up and enclosed the front, added a sliding door to the run on the side, and a window for ventilation.  It may be coon-proof, but it certainly isn’t snake-proof.  It’s not the best looking thing you’ve ever seen, but it worked for us for several years until we built a secondary coop.  The front, as you can see, has clear corrugated material on the front to allow light in.  The egg sign was one that I designed and painted when I was selling my extra eggs at a local farmer’s market. After reading several blogs and posts about painting structures and pretty coops, yesterday I grabbed some leftover red barn paint and some white trim paint.


In about 2 hours, here are the results below!  Cost to me was pretty much nada, since I already had a lot of leftover paint on the shelf.  Not bad, ya think?



Below you can see the little sliding door.  I painted a little ‘X’ on the door to match the front door somewhat.  I really like it. You can see little Dolly Banty and our Old English Gamebird/Silkie cross checking it out.


Moe Banty says, “I love it!”


Happy farming!  ‘Til next time….

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