The Sandy Hill Schoolmarm…a reflection

Being at home with your children all day is….

What is the word I am going for?

Interesting? Frustrating? Fun? Exciting? Exhausting? Rewarding? Maddening? Comforting?

Yes, it is all of these things and SO MUCH MORE.  If my children were still in public school, I wonder if I would have ever heard statements/questions presented to me by my younger daughter, such as: “Mommy, those pants make your booty look big.” and the gem: “Mom, are you trying to grow a beard?”

Let me tell you about our atypical schedule.  Yesterday, the day started off with some math worksheets, and then onto Arty English (designing a card for a friend, while using proper letter writing techniques as well as addressing an envelope). Then as the morning progressed, it morphed into Exterior Landscaping and Drainage Solutions class as Dad took them into the woods to gather rocks to line our driveway before the onslaught of expected rain. After lunch, we had a Literature moment and read more out of our assigned novel, The Witch of Blackbird Pond. Dad went back into the woods and it was decided by the eldest child that it was a great time to fish. After pulling up about 25 perch, she decided to eat one.  The classroom moved outdoors once again, where Firebuilding 101 was underway. After I reviewed about 5 YouTube videos on how to filet a perch, we were ready for Panfish Preparation and Panfrying. Soon, we had two of the tiniest filets you have ever laid your eyes on (perfectly proportioned for an American Girl doll), and after dipping them in a seasoned flour, we fried them over the fire in a brown butter sauce. After that experience, everyone decided it was definitely fish for supper, so we went back to our pond classroom, where we resumed our lesson in Advanced Perch Jerking, and then on to Panfish Preparation and Panfrying 1302.

So in a single day, you can see that we learn a great many things; math, art, literature, engineering, science, A&P, cooking skills, survivalist/wilderness skills, etc.  No two days are the same, though I try to do math, reading, language arts, and history every day.  It’s critical that my children can read, write, and solve mathematical equations, but above all things, they MUST love to learn.  I feel that the worst tragedy a teacher can inflict upon his/her students is to extinguish the natural passion for learning.

If I only pass this one single thing onto my children, I will consider my time as a teacher a great success. So get out there, grab a book or watch a video, and TRY SOMETHING NEW!!!