The Christmas Cactus

I love Christmas cacti, even though they should really be named Thanksgiving cacti since mine always bloom the last week of November. All year long, the weird tapeworm-ish looking plant takes a backseat, visually speaking.

Suddenly, without warning, the entire plant erupts into the brightest and most psychedelic hues of the rainbow. The colors are so bright that they almost hurt your eyes to look at them.

I used to have a huge Christmas cactus and it was glorious. When my oldest was about three, it mysteriously flew off of its shelf and landed upside down, shattering off most of the leaves and all but about two of the blooms. It was a sad day in Plant Land.

This plant was one that I think I grabbed at Lowe’s one year because fuchsia is my favorite color EVER. I stuck it in an old coffee cup and honestly I have no clue how long I have even owned it. I’m happy that this year I managed to not kill it and so I will share it with you!

Happy Wednesday!


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