The electricity hasn’t gone out. There is something absolutely magical about reading by the light of an oil lamp. 

When days grow dark at five o’clock, artificial light given off by electric bulbs seems harsh to my eyes. It’s too bright; too unnatural, perhaps. 

Tonight I’m enjoying the illumination and warmth given off by my Mamaw’s green glass lamp. 

I wonder how our sleep cycles would be affected if our homes weren’t kept as bright as daytime when night begins to fall?

Now, back to my reading. Goodnight, friends. 

3 thoughts on “Lamplight

  1. Lived for 10 years with no electricity and read by kerosene or gas lamps. My eyes are fine and I never had much trouble sleeping. Interesting theory. I do think our rhythms are totally off in the winter. Are we supposed to sleep the whole time it’s dark??? All that said, I love electricity. 😀

    1. I have noticed that if I start turning off all the lights and only use oil lamps or very low wattage bulbs I will get so sleepy! The only bad thing in winter is that it’s dark by 5pm. Ha!

      Then again, it’s usually awfully cold, so getting all snuggled in bed isn’t a bad idea! 😊

  2. That is so weird you wrote about this! Last night when I was laying in bed I was thinking about what it would be like to only have an oil lamp. I was seriously thinking about doing it, but I have heard of fires with them and am pretty clumsy. I definitely think that lighting effects our sleep rhythms though. One winter me and my husband tried using candles for a month to see if we could do it and we slept sooo much. haha it felt good though! — Anyway, looks cozy! Enjoy!

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