Life is funny.

Tuesday, 5:20 am:

We are both dead asleep.

Suddenly, there is this loud “WooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOO” sound, somewhere between a kid trying to pretend to be a ghost and a toddler crying. Jason sits up and says, “What? WHAT?” I mumble, “Was that for real?” Then he is calling the kids names out loud. I’m trying to, unsuccessfully, swim out of my sleep and then I remember that the dog slept in our room. I somehow manage to make it to the end of my bed and onto the floor.

Francesca is lying on a pillow with a look on her face like, “What?”. Yes, apparently dogs can have nightmares, too. Who would have thought. Here’s your 5 am adrenaline alarm/wake-up call. Thanks for the semi-heart attack.

Thursday, 8 am:

I’m in bed, trying to decided whether or not to get up. Jason comes running back into the bedroom hollering, “Oh my GAWD! UGH!!!!!” Of course, I’m saying, “What? What? WHAAAT?”

Turns out, Nancy the dog rolled in a dead chicken carcass and has jumped all over his clean pants. Now he smells like rotten dead animal and has to take another shower, not to mention that the whole back half of the house stinks to high heaven. I go ahead and get up and try to locate the dead chicken who was slated for burial today. As I’m walking around the yard, I step/slide in Nancy’s fresh steaming pile of crap.

Have I mentioned that I am more than a little tired of having dogs? Okay, not Fran, because she doesn’t count. She’s the most un-doggy dog there is. I even bought her a stroller for our vacation. But anyway…

Life on the farm has been busy as always. We are further along in our plan to pay off debt and travel. We are now the proud owners of a beautiful 1 ton truck to pull our travel trailer that we don’t yet own.  I finally broke down and took Fran to get all her vaccines so she is ‘travel legal’. It’s time to plant fall veggies (even a bit late), but I can’t bring myself to plant in September when it is so God-awfully dry. I have been decluttering like mad and try to make progress every day. Been reading Getting Things Done by David Allen and implementing his productivity ideas in my own way. I bought a Pioneer Woman crock pot (LOVE) and have decided to rehome my 20 year old one with the sad broken lid that is taped together with packaging tape. The puppy I posted about last time is on his way to a rescue in Washington state (PTL!).

How is Life on your end?






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