Happy 2019!

***May 2021: Well, well, it looks like I did write some posts since 2018! These were lost in the depths of the Draft section, so what the heck…I’m publishing them! I loved the Katie Daisy planner. As it is in 2021, I have a Katie Daisy calendar right by my desk and it makes me happy every time I look at it. In 2020, I went with another small planner; I believe it was another 6 x 8 size. I just picked it up at Wal-Mart. It was a monthly/weekly number and I think it was by Blue Sky. For 2021, I went BIG. It’s an 8 x 10 I found at Wal-Mart by Day Designer. Again, it has a monthly spread and then weekly with lots of room to write in each day. It’s a little too big, really. I would rather go back to a smaller, purse-friendly size. So do you use a planner? Leave me a comment about what you use and why you love it.

It’s the day before the new year and I am admittedly tired. I have been chair surfing all morning and finally just got out of my PJs at the crack of 1pm. As I contemplate the new year, I’m thinking of things that I want to accomplish. Not just written-down, then-shoved-to-the-back-of-a-drawer-and-forgotten things, but real goals that need tackling.

First things first, I invested in a new planner. I call this my paper brain. Google calendar is lovely but I don’t care to solely rely on digital things since they can die at any given second; just like my phone did last year. I also enjoy writing and doodling…a lot! It’s fun to go back and see what happened in a year’s time.

Last year’s planner was an Orange Circle Studio planner that I picked up at TJ Maxx.

My 2018 planner

It was a monthly planner and it was the first time in years I had gone that route rather than a weekly one. I was tired of all the extra “fluff” and wanted to get back to a month on every two page spread.

For 2019, it took me MONTHS to decide between planners (hey, it’s a big commitment!) and it was down to two: the Hobonichi Techo daily and a Katie Daisy weekly. I love the simplicity of the Techo, but as a daily calendar, I thought it would just be too much. The other factor was price. The Techo is over fifty dollars and the Katie Daisy was around ten. I finally went with Katie because the artwork is just amazing. Every page is full of nature paintings, including moths, trees, birds, and even snakes.

So I decided to use the new planner as a journal as well since it is a weekly version. Just a sentence or two about what I did that day and a note about the weather. The size is perfect because it goes right into my purse but it’s not so small that I can’t write in it comfortably.

Do you use a paper planner or a digital one? Or any at all? I don’t have a great memory, especially short-term. I’d forget my head off it weren’t screwed on.

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