Gardening Links

Here are some links that I think you will find helpful:

East Texas Gardening – has planting dates for spring and fall crops, recommended fruit, vegetable, and nut varieties, as well as many links to landscaping plants recommended for your area of the state and LOTS MORE.  This is pretty much my one stop shop for most of my gardening queries.

Texas A&M Gardening –  This is a newer site, but has basic sheets on growing common plants and vegetables, and lots of how-tos, including how to build a raised bed.  I have looked at a few of the ‘easy gardening’ PDFs and they seem overly complicated, in some respects.  Nobody whips out a ruler when they plant, ok?  So when they give you general recommendations, such as plant this deep, and this far apart, don’t despair.  We all can guess-timate pretty well!  Also, regarding fertilizer, I have used 10-10-10 in the past for general fertilizing, but we are going to switch to organic fertilizers from now on.  Right now I have some organic fish emulsion which smells absolutely terrible, lol.  But, if it works….



Baker Creek Heirlooms:

Johnny’s Selected Seeds:

Seed Saver’s Exchange:

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