The County Fair

Last Friday, we took the girls to the East Texas State Fair.  I have to admit I have not been there in more than 10 years or more, and I have never been during the day.  At night, the fair gets a lot ‘seedier’, if you will, in terms of the population, and since we don’t ride the rides anyway, we went in the morning.  We got to see a baby chicken hatch, quilts and handmade items, mostly bad art (lol), and lots of canned goods.  They also had a fruit and vegetable show and I am fairly sure I could have won in the okra division, had I entered.  Anyway, I had to have a fair corny dog, which was pretty good.  We also had some homemade root beer.  We went through the exhibitor’s booths and surprisingly, I didn’t pick up much of anything (I did get a free gun lock and a pen), because there were so few people that I would have had to They had a children’s show called the Ag Magic Show, which was funny and informative.  Naturally, even though my oldest was called upon twice as a volunteer (there were only about 7 kids in the crowd since it was early), she buried her head in the carpet and pretty much remained in a fetal position until she was sure no one was looking at her any more. 

Anyway, then we made our way to the Ag Barn, where the cattle show was taking place, and so we went up and down, down and up, and up and down again, the rows and rows of heifers and steers.  I was carrying my youngest and did not see a huge bucket of water on the walkway and somehow, by the grace of God, managed not to fall butt over teacups on the sidewalk.  I had about 5 little teenagers ask if I was OK, which in fact, I was NOT, because I fairly well bruised both shins in the accident, but fortunately did not do a face plant on the concrete, or better yet, a pile of cow poo.  But, you just can’t put such things past me.  So as we were traversing through the Treacherous Land of the Cows while juggling two weary and cranky children, I did notice that times sure have changed!  The girls (all high school) all wore the tightest and flashiest clothes I think I’ve ever seen.  It’s not that they didn’t look good, but they just looked so….suggestive!  Skin tight layered shirts and skin tight pants with rhinestone cocho belts!  Back in the day, at worst, we broke out with a ‘keyhole’ brushpopper type affair (now only to be found in only the most dedicated barflies) and our Rocky Mountain jeans, which, looking back, were the most hideously designed pants EVER.  Ok, maybe the exception would be the pleated-front, acid washed, TAPERED pants (shudder).  Anyway, with all of the evil in the world, I sure wouldn’t want to be advertising, if you will, to the wrong person.

So, all in all, we did have a really good time, even with the girls getting cranky towards the end.