Homeward Bound

Well, we didn’t get to bring home Francesca (Frannie) yesterday, as the shelter’s oxygen tank developed a leak and was completely empty yest. morning.  So, the spay has been postponed till today.  Grrr.  I really wanted to bring her home yesterday, but oh well.  Naturally, I did have to go and visit her in ‘jail’, and we put a sweater on her to try it out for size.  I think she gets smaller every time I see her!  She is just a blip in the world of dogs.

I found that the name “Francesca” means “from France”, which, being a dog created in Belgium, isn’t that close enough?  They do share a border after all.

Not too much in ‘farm news’.  Vacation begins officially tomorrow, so we’re sure to be working on outbuildings and the like here.  Also need to get my gardens in.  I’m going a little nutty without being surrounded by my jungle of gardens.  Also, the weather up until Sat. night will be very favorable, although maybe a little damp.  We have a front coming through Sat. PM so instead of the 70s, we’ll be back in the 40s again.  Ugh.  I HATE cold weather!  Jason did install a ceiling fan in the kitchen, which helps tremendously to push that nice hot air down to the ground.  This room where I sit, writing to you all, is sunken and it gets COLD.  I really have GOT to get a big ol’ rug in here.  It gets ridiculous!  That fan does help though. Let’s see, what else?

I am going out to clean my birds now; time to change the paper in the cages.  For those of you who don’t know, I have about 27 birds, ranging from zebra finches up to a large parrot (African grey).  I love them all dearly!  That is my ‘passion’ I suppose you would say, lol.  Sounds like a LOT, doesn’t it?  Well, about 15 of those are the finches, housed together, and the rest, with the exception of a bad mannered budgie and my AG, are housed in pairs and trios.  So, to me, it isn’t a lot!  Lol.  However, I am SO (!!!!!)  looking forward to the construction and completion of my aviary, which Jason thinks will take a couple of days.  If you have ever had pet birds, you know how messy that they can be.  Let’s face it: cleaning up bird poop and seed hulls and feathers sucks!  But, put them in an aviary setting, and the cleaning is so much easier; it doesn’t have to be done daily, other than feeding/watering, and plus it gives them a great psychological benefit.  Birds are meant to be outdoors, and that is certainly what they prefer!  My zebras and my loner diamond dove were all outside for about a year until we moved.  They do GREAT outside.  Now we will be making a split aviary; one side will be diamond doves/finches and the other will be my budgies.  Anyway, I think it will just be awesome!

Ah yes, I forgot to add…my sister called me the other day about promoting someone else’s BBQ tater.  See, she owns a BBQ place (The BBQ Joint) in Aubrey, TX.  Well, let me just say this:  I have never actually had one of her ‘taters, so I can’t say that they have the very best ‘taters.  Wouldn’t that be false advertisement, after all? So, hint hint, Tina, maybe you should bring me down a ‘tater for Christmas (?).  However, I can honestly tell you, dear readers, that they have excellent brisket tacos, and an awesome homemade salsa.  I am sure that the rest of the menu is just as good, but unfortunately, being 3 hours away, I don’t get up there! But, if you happen to be in the North Texas area, ’round Denton or so, do stop by and say hello to Jessie and Christina for me, will you?  You will also notice that they received a 5 star rating on the above link.  So, Merry Christmas, Tina, here’s your sisterly promo just for you!