Last night, the kids were gone (THANKS, MOM!!!), so Jason and I worked on upgrading the garden.  He took cedar planks, cut the to our 4’x8′ bed length, stacked em 3 high and nailed them together with stakes.  They look so cool!  The old way was just making a 4’x8′ rectangle one high and stacking them on top of each other.  This is so much faster!  I’ll post a pic when we get them up.

I sat out and worked on my microdripper system.  I LOVE my microdrippers/sprayers!  It’s the only way to fly when you have a garden.  I upgraded my minisprayers to those with a valve built in, so if that bed is not in use, I can shut off the water to it.  Then I added a couple of new ones to a grape vine and to an ornamental bed I have on the sideyard. We covered our yard in hay, so I buried all the lines under the hay.  These systems are so easy to install, I think everyone should have them!

Anyway, we’re waiting for a chimney sweep to come this morning.  I’m interested to hear what he says about our chimney.  I am sure it’s pretty disgusting looking.

Lastly for today, I’ll share a website with you:


We watch this show on RFDtv.  Bill’s moustache must be 4 feet across, seriously!  They do chuck wagon cooking, using our favorite pot; the Dutch oven. We can’t wait until fall when we can once again make fireplace beans and soup!