Crafty Country

What else to do when the days get short, cold, and dreary but to whip out the glue gun, glitter, and yarn?  Yes, I’ve gotten crafty in the country!  I find that my mood greatly improves just by gluing, glittering, or baking something.  This week’s crafts include a candy wreath, lampshade, dog sweater, and a mystery craft, which I will reveal soon!


So super easy to make!  I bought 2 – 3# bags of hard candy @ Dollar General for about 6 bucks.  The hanger was free and the ribbon was a dollar for 9 yards at Wal Mart.  I am going to post the how-to video, but may I say first that I deviated from the instructions (what a shock!) and did not clip off the ‘hanger’ part of the hanger (why create extra work???) and just simply did no wire cutting and used the ‘hanger’ part to hang up the wreath.  My wreath came out looking more like an oval shape, but what do you expect when you have 6 pounds of candy hanging on a little wire?  Oh well, it’s still tasty.

My Candy Wreath

Fun for all ages!  Plus you get to eat the leftovers!


I took the girl’s lamp and re-vamped it for my 1950s look.  I got the chenille bedspread out of the trash (some poor creature had tossed it out not thinking about all that CRAFTING you can do with it), so it was free, and the lamp was my Mamaw’s, I think, and really all I purchased was the shade and the ball fringe (WallyWorld).  I am posting a video so you can see how I did this.  I did tuck the fabric back up into the shade on the edges (should have trimmed it more, but oh well), and lastly I hot glued the ball fringe on the inside of the shade.  Originally the shade was just a plain white number, but somehow it got a greasy stain on it, and I am kinda glad that it DID, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have thought to re-cover it. 

Chenille covered lampshade

This was so super easy and fun to do.  I have now officially fallen in love with spray adhesive.  For the record, I used Elmer’s spray adhesive, but 3M’s Super 77 is awesome stuff, I just didn’t have that much cash on me!

Well, that’s it for this go-round!  More crafts will be revealed later this week!  Stay tuned!

One thought on “Crafty Country

  1. Ha ha ha, we both cheated on our wreath. Well I actually cheated 1st & you followed suit! But why would someone cut off the perfect hanger only to have to make another? & I’m definitely loving the lamp shade!! Now hurry & post the rest of your goodies so I caan be a copy cat….lol.

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