She’s Crafty, and She’s a Momma Duck

Arg, a whole week gone by already?  And no new post from me?  Sigh.  My computer bummed out on me last Saturday and it’s on crutches now.  Anyone want to donate a netbook?  Lol.  Well I am STILL not finished with my other mystery crafts, which I promise to reveal soon…maybe as soon as tomorrow if everything goes right! 

In farm news, I ‘pulled’ my 2 fertile duck eggs from the chicken coop since ‘Henny’ the Silkie decided not to incubate them any longer.  Duck eggs take 28 days to hatch, and chickens take 21 days, and I just think Henny got sick of waiting.  So, I took them in on a cold morning, pretty sure the embryos were dead, but I stuck them in a makeshift incubator anyway.  It took several hours to bring them back to a good temperature (about 101 degrees).  Sure enough, the little ducks began twisting and turning in their eggs! I have to turn the eggs 3-4 times a day and mist them, and keep water trays in the little incubator full to keep the humidity up.  As strange as it is, the eggshell is very porous and the embryo can lose too much water if the egg’s surroundings are too dry.  It’s really surreal to look inside the egg (via a flashlight) and actually see blood vessels and a tiny little embryonic duck swimming around!  Even more unbelievable is that I am actually keeping these little guys alive with the crudest incubator you could imagine.  Well, it isn’t as bad as a cardboard box and a light, but we’re almost there.  I’ll post a pic soon.  Anyway, one eggs is slated to hatch Christmas Day and the other will be the 27th, which is that Sunday. 

More crafts and duck news soon!

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