Spring on the Farm…2012

Not feeling at the top of my game today, so I’m in here uploading pics.  Took several yesterday since there was the strong possibility of hail and high winds and I wanted to grab some photos before anything wrecked all of my work.  Thankfully, we emerged unscathed.  Here are some house photos.

As you can see, still a lot of bagged humus/soil conditioner laying around ready to be applied.  Anyway, still haven’t finished staining the house.  Also, we put down several loads of pine needles on the front yard (over cardboard) for our pathways.


Our onion patch and future home for my herbal healing garden.


My little wildflower patch beside the east fence.  A mix from Wildseed Farms in Fredericksburg, TX.  Finally, after only 5 years, I have figured out how to manually focus my camera like I’ve been wanting to do!


A rose that I bought from Chamblee Roses in Tyler, TX.  Of course, I have forgotten the name of it :0(  I think it is a woman’s name and it is a climber. I do not think it is Duchesse de Brabant, though. I bought that the other day.


And now for our official farm guard dog, Francesca Buttons:Image

We’ve come a looong way in under 4 years:


Now, I’m going to go slam back some more sweet tea!  (unspiked)  More pics as soon as I feel better.

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